Scott Danks Chairman

Genny Tenbarge Vice-Chair
Matthew Neville Treasurer
Tony Goben Secretary

The mission of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party is to promote Democratic principles and values while encouraging active participation in the election process. The local Party serves to recruit, train, support and elect candidates for Evansville City and Vanderburgh County offices.

We believe in responsible government that represents and serves all the people; indeed we believe that's what government is: the people, organized to provide for the common good and to promote the values of civil society. To achieve this end, citizens must be fully informed, frequently engaged and honestly represented by servants who adhere to the foundational American principles.

The Democratic Party is a party of reason, moderation, and diversity. We embrace diversity as a source of strength in our community rather than a reason for division. As such, we welcome the participation of all Hoosiers within the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party of Vanderburgh County is committed to:
Promoting Democratic Party ideals and principles;
Coordinating Democratic Party activities in Vanderburgh County;
Recruiting and electing qualified Democratic candidates for public office;
Educating voters of the voting process and their importance in it.
Providing a friendly environment to express points of view.
Developing an effective grassroots organization to carry out Democratic activities; and
Raising the funds necessary to complete these objectives.

We provide educational and social activities, an office, outreach, voter registration, and data management which keeps our party building momentum from one election year to the next. During election season, we manage the coordinated election campaign through our relationship to the Indiana Democratic Party, provide space, money, activities, and volunteers to help our candidates get elected and to support the Democratic recommendations for voting on the propositions on the ballot.

We, the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party, are "for the people" and are committed to the betterment of our community, our state and our nation. The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party will strive to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights, to restore integrity in government, and respect for and trust in our leadership.